So much to explore from your arm chair

The long running series of ten Benelux Rail books take you for a discovery ride as from 1970. A trip right through the railway history of the three countries. In every edition national and private railways, infrastructure, safety, design and production, tramways and underground, heritage and industrial railways are covered.

An astonishing range of developments and events, some long forgotten, are presented in essential photographs, lively text and some maps. Those who want to see more of the geographical situation can find more details in the Benelux Rail maps.

The Maghreb Rail book in Dutch language is much more exotic. It unravels the history of the railway systems of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya. During colonials days and long after until the year 2000. It includes motive power lists. There is also a nice and useful Maghreb map available. Both the folded versions of the Benelux Rail and the Maghreb Rail maps feature a list of all railway stations.