A Balkan masterpiece

Extremely well written, thoroughly researched and lusciously illustrated and also produced in a quality far above average by publisher Frank Stenvall is Keith Chester´s latest book The Narrow Gauge Railways of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Add to this that the subject and its relation to European history is fascinating from the first word to the last and you have a faint idea of what this 416 page book has to offer. More then 550 photographs (steam, steam, steam) of impeccable quality, helpful drawings and maps.

Covers the whole century these fascinating lines existed 1878-1978. A gourmet for both the eye and the railway brain. English language, published in Sweden. First print is out of stock already, but the second edition is now available. So hurry.

ISBN 91-7266-166-6, price 480 Swedish crowns. www.stenvalls.com