A publisher from Luxemburg surprises...

Not only sympathetic but also very useful for the student of the rich and ever interesting railway history of Luxemburg is this book

50 Jahre elektrifizierung der CFL. Surprisingly it is published by – never heard of them before - Les Cheminots Philatélistes ´61 Luxembourg. The 230 pages hardbound publication covers it all. It follows development of the actual electrification process which enrols half a century of vibrant history and includes a lot on technical items, electrical rolling stock and much more. There is also genuine information on steam and diesel traction.

Pictures and maps are numerous and of good quality throughout. Leaving the graphic design of this publication the only thing that could have been done slightly better.

As Luxemburg serves as a railway junction for three other European countries all has a very international flavour indeed. Text in German is very well written by the authors François Kohun, Charles Léon Meyer and Henry Werdel.

Price € 35,- plus € 6,- postage abroad. Order directly from Les Cheminots Philatélistes ´61 Luxembourg, Boîte Postale 2640, L-1026 Luxembourg and enjoy.