Benelux Rail 1

A classic. Who still remembers the Intercity-Plus experiment or the severe impact of an extremely cold winter? And what about the farewell to the much liked De Dietrich diesel railcars in 1978-1979? More so new and improved tracks emerged at or far beyond numerous vital Belgian junctions.

Benelux Rail 1 by Groupement des Amis du Rail GAR, Michel Thiry, Luc Calay and Marcel Vleugels with 219 photos, 3 motive power lists and 5 track maps: Hasselt-Genk, Luttre-Pont-à-Celles - Braine-Le Comte as well as the surroundings of Haren. The national Dutch network of  1981 and  the Luxemburgian of 1978. French and Dutch text. Published in Sweden by Frank Stenvalls Förlag of Malmö. Hardcover, 112 pages. ISBN/EAN 91-7266-049-X 
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