Benelux Rail 3

Apart from technical renovation the three countries all faced some important social developments as well during 1982-1983. This edition also has a keen eye for surprising landscapes that trains are passing through since ages in the polders and Ardennes alike.

Benelux Rail 3 by Guy Pettinger, Jemp Steffen, Michel Dondelinger, Yves Steenebruggen, John Krijgsman and Marcel Vleugels. 233 photos, 3 traction digests and 4 maps: of the HTM network of The Hague and Delft, SNCV overland tram routes at Charleroi, of the littoral at the Belgian coast plus the new CFL shunting yard of Bettembourg. French and Dutch text. Published by the distinguished Frank Stenvalls Förlag. Hardcover, 112 pages. ISBN 91-7266-090-2
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