Benelux Rail 5

Dedicated to trailblazing events and developments of the years 1986-1987 this edition nowadays offers a kaleidoscope full of memories. New inventions, the scaling down of industrial railways, postal trains at work, special services and fast changing border crossing traffic. It is all there. Special subjects include the sound products of the Belgian motive power industry of the day. Benelux travelers will also appreciate all photo locations visited to make this book.

Benelux Rail 5 by Marcel Vleugels with 246 photographs, 5 motive power summaries and 5 maps: Brussels tram and underground, lay out of the former Antwerp tram depot, the national railways NS in The Netherlands and of CFL Luxemburg 1987. French and Dutch text. Hardcover, 120 pages. ISBN/EAN 978-90-73280-01-X 

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