Benelux Rail 6

Probably the most attractive of all editions so far, this book shows in pure black & white photography what happened back in 1988-1989 although there are also subtle color pictures to enjoy. Features among others are the new Flevolijn, electrification progress, changes in international traffic and industrial railways. Special feature: people and the tracks. Handy list of features of Benelux Rail 1 to 6 and spots where all these pictures were shot during both eventful years.


Benelux Rail 6 by Marcel Vleugels with 242 photographs, 4 traction rosters, 5 rail maps: urban rail transport in Amsterdam and Antwerp, the Belgium SNCB network in 1988 and of CFL Luxemburg during 1989. Text in French and Dutch. Hardcover, 124 pages. ISBN/EAN 978-90-73280-02-8

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