Carboon Rail 1955

Shows 58 coal mines with their rail connections situated in the Belgian Kempen (Flanders), in the Dutch Province of Zuid-Limburg as well as the greater Aachen area in Germany.

The new map produces also all public railways of the era including narrow gauge, a selection of train stations, all private mining railways, coal docks on rivers and canals, shunting yards used for coal transport, border stations of international coal routes plus 14 lignite concessions.
Carboon Rail 1955 also features 9 close-ups of mine track plans, a detailed lay-out of the enlarged ON I shunting yard Heerlen anno 1965 to compare and the long forgotten pre-war tram coal route Roermond-Maasbracht-Roosteren. The map was co-produced with Reijnders Kaartproducties Ltd. of Veghel.

Carboon Rail 1955 measures 140 x 235 mm folded and unfolded 700 x 470 mm. Features 10 maps, 1 photo, index of communities, shunting yards, coal mines, coal ports, brown coal pits and as selection of railway stations. 
ISBN 978-90-73280-151-2, € 9,50.

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