The Station. An Antwerp Tale

The Antwerp railway station, which opened in 1905, is one of the world’s majestic eclectic public buildings.  Even with its impressive canopy, however, it is more than purely an architectural masterpiece. 

And thus the U.S.-born writer Alexandra Richardson, who lives in London, set about weaving a tale centred around both real and fictional individuals who played their special roles in the creative process of erecting this iconic edifice.  From the forgotten years leading up to the all-shadowing Great War, the author etches a picture of those times through her various story lines.  We now know more fully why a railway cathedral rose in this city along the Scheldt, at the end of a lofty ‘walkway of city tracks.’  More importantly, though, why that railway hub immediately became a turning point for human fortunes.

The Station. An Antwerp TalBy Alexandra Richardson. Graphic design Maud van Rossum, English language. ISBN/EAN 978-90-73280-017-5, paperback, 176 pages.

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